Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Mom and Daughter walk into a quilt store.........

Good Morning!

Ok so there really isn't a great punch line to that title but something really cool happened yesterday.
So my mom says hey let's go out for the day. No children, no husbands no time restraints. HMMM...... let me think, should I go? What about vacuuming, or laundry or dusting. Oh did I mention she said something about getting lunch and oh yeah there was a huge quilt show? LOL. No brainer, I'm there. Well the quilt show was nice, very well run and I think I just may have been inspired ( we'll see ). Afterwards we asked about the local quilt store. The ladies replied with " Oh you'll never find it on your own!" HUH?! We knew it was there but my mom had never found it just like they said.

Anyway this little store's entrance could only be accessed from a dead end street by going to the back of a house through an alley. You enter the store by going into the garage. The ladies at the show were right... I NEVER WOULD HAVE FOUND IT .

We were in there for quite a long time just browsing and talking to the shop owner. After talking about different crafts and such she suddenly asks if I knew of anybody that could tat. Well...... O.K. as rule I am not a quiet person until I as an individual gets targeted, then I tend to clam up. I hate extra attention and being in a spot light. Mom to the rescue, she is the voice when I have none. "She does!" Mom replies. My first thought was really Mom? Great!!!!!! Well this made the sweet shop owner Kaye very happy and very insistent. So here is the punch line.......(finally, I know) I am now going to be teaching needle tatting at her shop. But....... I really don't think the attention thing will bother me because they won't be staring a me but they will be watching my hands. I don't think my fingers are shy, ( Oh gees, at least I hope not. (grin) )

Any instructing advice would be very helpful since I have never taught anything in my life to any body over the teen years. Kids tend to ooh and aww a lot. (very self gratifying.)

Ok. with this said I will now leave you with the few things that I have been crafting since my last post. Enjoy and as always , feel free to contact me about the projects and I will get you instructions. ( I will be posting actual how to's very soon)

This doily/candle mat was my own design. My 5 yr. old said it looked like a flower in the middle so the next pic is what I came up with the help of his inspiration.
This is my take on a sunflower.

and with candle:

Here are just a couple chokers that I crocheted from mercerized cotton thread. I have needle tatted quite a few doilies and necklaces lately but I still have a mad passion for crochet. I love what I came up with here. Hope you like them to. I'll me adding them to my shop soon .

This picture isn't the greatest but I also crocheted up this cute little choker that in black makes it look kinda Gothic. I did it up in other colors too and the colors make it look everything from bohemian to goth to Victorian. I love how color play is so important in design. ( Not that I designed this stitch because I did not. I just took the stitch in a different direction )
Hope you enjoyed another sneak peek at what I'm up to. Feel free to share with me too.
Hugs, blessings and happy crafting.

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