Friday, May 15, 2009

Crafty measures

See I knew I was right and now I ( we ) have proof. All those scarves, hats, blankets, and wash cloths are therapeutic! It is money well spent! ( I wonder if I can write off my yarn as a medical expense? Hee hee)

I know what are you talking about? Ok so here, I followed a link to this video this morning. It basically just say that crochet and knitting ( or basically needle work I guess ) keeps your mind active and lowers your blood pressure.
Here watch,

Watch CBS Videos Online

Hopefully it works, computer techie I'm not.

Ok so here's an update on the birdies. THEY NEED TO FLY AWAY!!!!!!!!! So as the eggs were hatching, very exciting, really neat to see and a great learning experience for my 5 yr old. Now the babies are all cute and fuzzy and their eyes are open and Mommy bird is constantly feeding them ( also very sweet to watch ).

Mommy bird and friend bird from tree next door keep dive bombing my dog every time Abby tries to go outside to potty. I was on the opposite side of the deck ( mind you our deck is over 30 ft across ) the other day and all was well until Andrew let the dog out and she stood by me. All of a sudden the two miniature " Red Barons " started to attack. I mean I felt the wind by my face from one of their wings. Ok Birds this is a human deck not a tree. Beautiful and all, but at this point I'm really frustrated with them. We can't even use our grill because it's next to them. Arrgg.

Here's a couple pictures of them.

Ok feathered friends my pup Surrenders!!! Play Nice!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birdies 2 and 3 are here.

Ok just before I put dinner on the table I ventured outside to take our dog out to potty and noticed that Mommy robin wasn't on her nest so i thought I would go and take a peek. Well baby number 2 had hatched. Way cool. So sure enough after dinner I was just too curious to see if the egg three had hatched because it had a crack in it earlier. Sure enough there was 3 baby birds making the sweetest little chirps. They had their little beaks open ready to eat. ( for as long as their necks would hold up their heads ).

Here's some more pics. Enjoy.

I will update tomorrow on the stats of egg four. What are the chances they were all good eggs? We shall see.

New birds

The baby birds are on their way. We have one this morning and number 2 has cracked its shell. You can see it in the pics.

It so naked. Ok, so here's my question, where is Mommy bird? And where did this little guys shell go? Is that why she is not here? Did she take the shell out and dispose of it? As soon as I stood back from the nest after taking these pictures she flew up to the nest so she must have been really close by.
I will post more about them all during this week. Hopefully I can keep updating the pics. We'll see how tolerant she stays with the human.
Hugs, blessings and happy crafting

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring is here

Good morning!

I know here in Michigan it has been pretty darn nice. Well it has rained a lot but it is April after all. I also realise that according to the calender it is definitely Spring but I have absolute proof.

About 2 weekends ago I went outside to clean out the pots on my deck. You know all the dead annuals that I "forgot" to clean out in the fall. I have a huge deck and a ton of flower pots, it a chore. Anyway, I got to one pot that is up on a plant stand and went to grab out the dead plant and low and behold it was a beautiful birds nest. ( in my pot only 3 ft of the deck ) I hadn't noticed it in the fall. Well I cleaned out my dead plants and just set it back in the pot. I couldn't bring my self to throw it out, it was just to beautiful.

One week later Hubby goes out to his BBQ grill to cook hamburgers and rushes back in to get me. I run outside thinking something is wrong to find him all excited about the nest in our pot. I laughed and started to go back in the house saying "yep I know I saw it already". Then he says " Have you ever seen eggs that blue?" WHAT??!!! EGGS??!! Yep mommy robin laid eggs in the nest three feet off the floor of our deck in a 6" pot next to our BBQ grill. Oh and did I mention the nest is exactly nose level with our 3 yr old Greyhound. (By the way she just stands back and looks at Mommy bird ) Here's the pics.

I'll post more pictures when the eggs hatch. I have no idea how Mommy Robin is going to teach them to fly. She is so close to the ground. I am also concerned because the babies are going to be so close to my dog and she will probably find them VERY interesting. My other concern is the fact that the nest is in direct sun light. What was this mother thinking? Everything about the situation is poor judgement on her part. Is there a Birdie Social Services? lol

Sorry nothing about crafting today. I haven't really done much lately. Spring cleaning and getting ready for garage sale season. Unclutter the house ya know.

Oh wait I did make my Greyhound Abby a new " lambs wool " unstuffed squeak toy. Here's her playing with it.

Ok well hugs, blessings, and happy crafting.