Friday, May 15, 2009

Crafty measures

See I knew I was right and now I ( we ) have proof. All those scarves, hats, blankets, and wash cloths are therapeutic! It is money well spent! ( I wonder if I can write off my yarn as a medical expense? Hee hee)

I know what are you talking about? Ok so here, I followed a link to this video this morning. It basically just say that crochet and knitting ( or basically needle work I guess ) keeps your mind active and lowers your blood pressure.
Here watch,

Watch CBS Videos Online

Hopefully it works, computer techie I'm not.

Ok so here's an update on the birdies. THEY NEED TO FLY AWAY!!!!!!!!! So as the eggs were hatching, very exciting, really neat to see and a great learning experience for my 5 yr old. Now the babies are all cute and fuzzy and their eyes are open and Mommy bird is constantly feeding them ( also very sweet to watch ).

Mommy bird and friend bird from tree next door keep dive bombing my dog every time Abby tries to go outside to potty. I was on the opposite side of the deck ( mind you our deck is over 30 ft across ) the other day and all was well until Andrew let the dog out and she stood by me. All of a sudden the two miniature " Red Barons " started to attack. I mean I felt the wind by my face from one of their wings. Ok Birds this is a human deck not a tree. Beautiful and all, but at this point I'm really frustrated with them. We can't even use our grill because it's next to them. Arrgg.

Here's a couple pictures of them.

Ok feathered friends my pup Surrenders!!! Play Nice!!!

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  1. Too cute. I once had a cat that birds dive-bombed so badly that I was ready to do major damage to the birds. Actually, the cat wasn't mine, but I still did all I could to help him.

    ~ Yaya