Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year...Take 2

Ok friends, here's the deal....... I need motivation. Not the kind needed to go hole myself away and make all kinds of cute little crafts and such. I never need to be motivated for that. I need to give it my all when it comes to getting my products out there.

I use ETSY, Facebook, Twitter, and obviously Blogspot. I am on Ravelry and I have a Flickr stream. All the things I know I should be doing, Right? Did you know that each one of those things should be updated on a regular basis? Did you know that they should all be used simultaneously? Oh and they should all have a similar name? Oh I know this.......... I have done all this, well except KEEP THEM UPDATED. I had 13 post here last year. 13 !!!!!!!! How is that helping me? Do you know I walked in to the Christmas season with 45 item in my etsy store? I only 2 days ago made a Fan page for my etsy shop. ( I didn't know I should have a fan page too ) and twitter? I still have a hard time getting into twitter.

Oh and Ravelry... I love ravelry!!!! Oh but do you think I have done much more with it than keep patterns in my Library or mark OTHER atrist as my favorites.

Ok then there is Flickr. I constantly use Flickr ( for my own editing...). Did you know that you should join groups and follow threads on Flickr? Um............ again I knew this but, yeah anyway.

I AM NETWORKING LAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant over..... lol

Now this is a New Year and I am giving myself a new start. So..... I will try to post something different during the week. I haven't quite figured it all out yet but I want to give it a shot.
Things like:

Mondays : Metaling ( Beading and Wire work )
Makers ( I will feature other artists that I love )
Morning Banter ( Just a random rant, maybe about the weekend )
Making it ( things I am making with instructions or patterns )
Mastering ( things i am trying out and where I found the how tos for it )

Tuesdays: Tatting ( I needle tat, so I will share things about that here )
Twitter ( Sharing interesting tweets )
Tacky ( all things crafty, tacky and gorgeous )

Wednesdays: What's New ( New to crafting, or well new to me anyway )
Way back ( Those blast from the past crafts we grew up with
Macrame anyone? )
Whip up ( shared items and Ideas that just got or can be easily whipped up)

Thursdays: Threads ( crochet, knitting, sewing, tatting... all things thready )
Thrown together ( pretty much the same as whip up but we all need more time)
Think about it ( what is planned for the future, and what needs to done )

Fridays: Follow Me ( Follow me Fridays just a time to post new site to check out and
Fabric ( all things fabric related: quilts, blankets, clothes, accessories... )
Flickr ( sharing of great flickr streams )
Finished ( here is where finished objects will get post first and will be up for
dare I say it... critique... )

All of this is preliminary and well you guessed it, not set in stone because I am after all


Oh but on that note, there is a great thing happening all over the place and it been dubbed
" LINK LOVE " Just a way to share all of our links with everyone and get your name out there and noticed. Please join in, it's been so much fun so far.

Here's mine:

Fan me, follow me, heart me and I will do the same back!

Hugs, Blessings and Happy Crafting!
( mamablingthing )

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