Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring is here

Good morning!

I know here in Michigan it has been pretty darn nice. Well it has rained a lot but it is April after all. I also realise that according to the calender it is definitely Spring but I have absolute proof.

About 2 weekends ago I went outside to clean out the pots on my deck. You know all the dead annuals that I "forgot" to clean out in the fall. I have a huge deck and a ton of flower pots, it a chore. Anyway, I got to one pot that is up on a plant stand and went to grab out the dead plant and low and behold it was a beautiful birds nest. ( in my pot only 3 ft of the deck ) I hadn't noticed it in the fall. Well I cleaned out my dead plants and just set it back in the pot. I couldn't bring my self to throw it out, it was just to beautiful.

One week later Hubby goes out to his BBQ grill to cook hamburgers and rushes back in to get me. I run outside thinking something is wrong to find him all excited about the nest in our pot. I laughed and started to go back in the house saying "yep I know I saw it already". Then he says " Have you ever seen eggs that blue?" WHAT??!!! EGGS??!! Yep mommy robin laid eggs in the nest three feet off the floor of our deck in a 6" pot next to our BBQ grill. Oh and did I mention the nest is exactly nose level with our 3 yr old Greyhound. (By the way she just stands back and looks at Mommy bird ) Here's the pics.

I'll post more pictures when the eggs hatch. I have no idea how Mommy Robin is going to teach them to fly. She is so close to the ground. I am also concerned because the babies are going to be so close to my dog and she will probably find them VERY interesting. My other concern is the fact that the nest is in direct sun light. What was this mother thinking? Everything about the situation is poor judgement on her part. Is there a Birdie Social Services? lol

Sorry nothing about crafting today. I haven't really done much lately. Spring cleaning and getting ready for garage sale season. Unclutter the house ya know.

Oh wait I did make my Greyhound Abby a new " lambs wool " unstuffed squeak toy. Here's her playing with it.

Ok well hugs, blessings, and happy crafting.

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