Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still so new.......

It was October of last year that I decided I really wanted to give it a go at being a TRUE crafter. Wow, not as easy as it sounds. LOL.

I had recently gone back to work. ( sorta, I work less than 15 hrs a week at a Party City store ) and already had an etsy store ( )for some of my craft items. I had done a few local craft shows and had some luck with those. So ok the ball is rolling. I can make this snowball. Right..........

I give all you very successful crafters out there a huge pat on the back. You are very driven. I have come to the realisation that you have to treat it as a full time job to get the word out and make a TRUE presence of yourself. I am still trying to find that hidden drive within myself to do this full time. I will!!!

It seems like I find a million reasons why I didn't blog or why I didn't update my myspace or facebook. There is always something else to do than sit at the computer and list new items to my store. I get bored doing research on trends and finding new venues to show at.

Oh and then there is this big problem I have.... the self confidence factor. Yikes!!!!!! I just need to remember that no, not everyone will like my items but this world is huge and yes there are others out there that will. I just need to reach and find them.

On that note... I need to do some out reaching in computerland. Take photos of items to list on Etsy and maybe put a few things on E-bay. I also need to do some inventory control for my next craft show.

I will put up new photos tomorrow of things I have been working on the last couple weeks including some original work I came up with. I haven't decided if I will post the crochet pattern here or actually make it a pdf for etsy. We'll see what I decide.

Hugs and Happy crafting

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