Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping on top of things.......

Wow I guess blogging is kinda like exercising to me. I like to do it but it really slips my mind and then I feel real guilty that it's a commitment that I am failing to keep. I will try better in the future.
OK so I have been home for the past week from work and you would think that I would have a million crafty things done right? NOPE!!! I have been sick the entire time. Sore throat, stuffy runny nose, ear ache fever and now chest congestion and coughing. One entire week folks. Yes this sounds unfortunate but I am MOM things keep on trucking and well us MOMS just don't stop for a flu bug right? Oh no you see both my boys have the same bug. Tissues, blankets and cough syrup have been our lives. Cuddle this one, hug that one, kiss both foreheads, make lots of soup. Still not stopping. O.k we are starting to feel better, flu is more of a nuisance than being sick, yep you guessed it, Hubby came home yesterday at noon from work. Daddy has the flu.

Anyway enough whining right. How boring.

What I did accomplish was one crocheted doily, a crocheted bookmark, and two explosion photo boxes.

OK let's get one thing straight, I finished the boxes (pretty much, I never seem to leave well enough alone) and I finished the doily. The only thing I started from scratch was the bookmark. I wanted to get a bunch of things needle tatted and I wanted to make a slew of boxes. I also wanted to upload a ton of my ( already done ) jewelry to my mamablingthing etsy account but only managed a few new items.

I still have coffee cup coats to add and I still need to add all the taggie blankets I made. I also have a ton of korker bows to list and those cute little ribbon clippies.
I tote all these items from one craft show to the next and never seem to list any to the etsy store. Where is the time and the motivation. You know actually all those little etsy hearts can be a motivation and even the convo's that lead nowhere can motivate. I know so many etsyians poo poo the hearts but hey someone saw you and they marked you. Some one else might find you through them, so don't poo poo the love.
O.k. enough of the ramble and off to the craft room to work on all my U.F.O's. That way I can start on my mom's quilt magic butterfly for mothers day and I can start quilling all those valentine and Easter cards I have floating around in my head. ( O.K. so they are crammed in there along with every other project I have no time to do. LOL.)

Here are a few quick pics of the fore mentioned projects. Let me know what you think. Seriously.

love hugs and happy crafting

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