Friday, January 9, 2009

my craft evolution part 2

Ok so we left off with my first son. Well we moved and bought a house with 2 bedrooms and a 3rd upstairs that was that entire floor. ( bungalow ) Well the baby has to stay on the same floor as us so well.... ok if my arm gets twisted...... I'll take the entire second floor for my "studio".

Well this worked out nicely for a couple years and boy did I fill it up. YIKES. Then when my son was around 6 he asked if he could move upstairs so he could have a big playroom. This is where I found E-bay. I needed to down size. This is when Mommy-n-me-wee-craft was born. Yep i opened an E-bay store. This worked for a few years. I resold his clothes, I bought foam crafts in bulk and sold them, I even started to sell some of the things I would make. Well then as evolution would have, the prices rose and rose and rose and others started selling the same kits I was buying and the whole world was reselling their kids clothes and well I started to not see my profit margin any more. Next step. Ok craft shows. I need inventory!!!!!! ok got that, watched a million craft shows on TV and videos and read books and so on. Yep a good craft show costs a ton of money to do right. Well now I am doing a hodge podge of items that I really don't have a lot of any one thing. hmmm........... I have now completely overwhelmed myself and ya know what, I got momentarily burned out on crafts. ( I know , blasphemy, sorry ).

Well my craft room sat idol and I was in a funk. UNTIL i found QVC's craft day marathons. UHOH. Now I have learned about PAPER. Oh my goodness. I can make cards, invitations, origami, and wait SCRAPBOOK?????!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT ALL!!!! Yep here we go again. I have it all including a million punches and rubber stamps, brads, eyelets, chip board, and stickers don't get me started on those. And have you ever tried teabag folding or iris folding? FUN FUN FUN!

If you follow me you will!

I am going to jump ahead, way ahead. Past the gallery glass, the one stroke, the polymer clay and oh yeah kniffty knitting. I told you I was addicted. Any way............. my present 3 loves are jewelry beading ( I found firemountain beads and spent, well ALOT ), Needle tatting which I love, and paper filigree also known as quilling.

But.......... I still have all the tools and supplies from everything else I have tried. I could open a Michael's all on my own.

In the next few days I will be posting pics of what I have been doing. Maybe even instructions on how I did them.

If I get a few followers maybe we can do a few craft alongs. That would be fun. What else I would like to start is a craft supply swap. How cool would it be to try a new craft and give some else a chance to try a craft and never spend any extra money. ( well beside postage ).

Let me know what you think

Happy Crafting and many blessings

ok I'll leave you with one ufo ( unfinished object)

This is a christmas tree I have started. I still need to add a "trunk" to it. I believe I got this pattern from be-stitched. I'll have to look that up though.

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