Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi, this is my first entry and really just a test run.
I don't expect a huge following and I don't expect fame or riches from blogging. I just thought that I can not be the only completely obsessed crafter out there.
I hop from site to site and blog to blog and I find so many "normal" crafters that I thought if I came out of the closet and exposed my mental crafting state that I might lead the way for others to know they are O.K. too.
NO, no one needs to stage an intervention for you and No, no one needs to drag you kicking and screaming and possibly wielding a knitting needle, to a 12 step program. You can stand up proud and yell "My name is __________ , and I craft everything! I DON'T need help, but I could use that new Alexander Henry fabric, or a ride to Michael's"
I think if I didn't dabble in just about everything my wee little head would explode from all the ideas. I would also be a wreck of jealousy when I see what "so and so " can make. I would be a self doubter " Oh I couldn't possibly do that". You know what yes I can. Maybe not as well as someone else but I CAN do it. You can do it.
If instructions are to hard to follow, THEN DON'T! Guess what?! Some other everyday human wrote those. Hmmm...... doesn't that just make them a good idea? If it was the only way to do it then why would there be so many titles under one category. Ladies and Gents instructions are jumping of points, they are the last cog that gets set in your brains stream of ideas.
Enough of my rant (for now) get of the computer ( unless you're going to print something to craft ) and go make something. Then o.k come back to the computer and show me.

Let's share our addiction.
Hugs, blessings, and happy crafting.

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